Welcome to the Tesla Film Project site!  Thanks to our generous Kickstarter backers, I was able to raise the complete funds to launch this project.  The Tesla Film Project consists of two components: the first 8 minutes of the feature film, and an additional theatrical trailer to build up some excitement!

This movie is actually my MFA Thesis film project for the Savannah College of Art and Design.  But my goal is to take the project beyond school and enter it into film festivals.  The idea is to garner the attention and interest of audiences and studios alike.  Perhaps one day I'll have an offer to produce the entire feature film.

What is the Tesla Film Project?

We’ve all read about the great scientists and inventors in our school textbooks: Thomas Edison, Madam Curie, Albert Einstein, and more.   But one name seems to be missing in each one – a man who swept the world into the modern age of technology with his daring and incredibly futuristic inventions.  His name was Nikola Tesla.   Our film is about this brilliant scientist and the hardships he faced after coming to America.  Not only was he known for his intense rivalry with Thomas Edison, but Tesla had a streak of bad financial luck with the companies he partnered with.

This biopic film reveals the truth about who invented what, the praise and criticism Tesla faced over his long life, and the way he completely changed the world’s knowledge of technology at the time.

The Kickstarter Campaign

The Kickstarter Campaign was a complete success thanks to my amazing backers.  They've earned themselves some great rewards that will be disbursed over the next few months.  Check out the link to the original Kickstarter page.

If you missed out on the prizes, I will be setting up an Amazon store where you can buy some of the swag separately.  Or, if you still like to donate to the project to help us enter the final cut into festivals across the country, you can do so here.  Anything you can give is most welcomed and appreciated.